Opus The Off-Road


Opus The Off-Road

Adventure further…

The Off-Road OPUS is ready for tough terrain! Available in Midnight Black the purpose built off-road chassis and trailer gives you the freedom to roam, the freedom to discover, and the freedom to chase your next adventure. The Off-Road OPUS is fitted with the AIR tent technology used in our on-road model, inflating the canvas in minutes with the press of a switch! An array of features have been added to the Off-Road including integrated spring suspension and all-terrain wheels and tyres. Combine this with the increased ground clearance, the Off-Road OPUS is capable of being pushed to the extreme!

  • Strong yet lightweight

    The Off-Road OPUS is built with an aluminium external frame, offering huge weight saving benefits whilst retaining rigidity and strength. The inset panels have their own benefits too – constructed from polycarbonate and fully insulated, you’ll remain warm even on the chilliest of nights!
  • Built to tackle the most challenging terrain

    All-Terrain wheels and tyres come as standard offering superior grip and stability, and coupled with an independent spring suspension for dampening any bumps you may encounter, the Off-Road OPUS provides an unrivalled drive wherever it’s taken. And if terrain is loose, a wide mesh-covered stone guard protects from any stones and debris that may be flicked up by the tow vehicle.

  • Creature comforts in the wildest of places

    Travelling into the wilderness? You really can take the kitchen sink with you! Soft double beds, plush leatherette seating, fully-functional kitchenette and a whole-host of optional extras to choose from – the Off-Road OPUS offers incredible comfort wherever you decide to pitch up.
  • Outdoor cooking has never been easier!

    With the optional Integrated External 3 Burner Hob, you’ll be cooking up a feast in no time at all. The burner neatly slides out of the rear external storage access point and includes a drawer for storing your cooking utensils. If you have the awning attached, the hob can be mounted on screw in legs for safe use.

  • Dimensions  

    • Overall Length (closed) inc.drawbar 540cm
    • Overall Width 215cm
    • Internal Length (main body section) 283cm
    • Internal Width (main body section) 188cm
    • Towing Height 140cm
    • Wheels 215/65/R16
    • Overall Length (erected) 650cm
    • Overall Height (erected) 295cm
    • Interior Height (max) 244cm
    • Bed Size 1 190cm x 140cm
    • Bed Size 2 190cm x 140cm
    • Full Awning Width (optional) 600cm
    • Full Awning Depth (optional) 240cm
  • Weights  

    • MIRO (mass in running order) 1100Kg
    • MTPLM (Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass) 1250/1500/1750Kg
    • MTPLM – MIRO = User Payload 150/400/650Kg
    • Roof Payload (approx. depending on roof bar capacity) 75kg
    • Max Tow Ball Mass (Nose Weight) 120kg

    We offer different chassis options depending on your desired payload and category of your licence.

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