New Opus Caravans For Sale

More liberating than a camper van, more practical than a tent

OPUS is a stylish and innovative folding camper. It is compact and easy to tow, while also being spacious and superbly equipped. It is rugged and versatile, while also being comfortable and fun. We think you’ll love it.

  • All-Road or Off-Road?

    Perfect for camping, festivals and family fun.

    For when you want to explore off grid and adventure further.

  • Accommodate up to ten people

    The standard OPUS has two fixed double beds, and an additional double bed that can be created in the seating area. The optional full awning system includes two extra bedroom pods and provides a large additional living area

  • Powerful heating………

    The electric heating system keeps things toasty even when the temperature outside drops, which means you can head out for adventures any time of the year.