Opus All-Road


Opus All-Road

Discover the secrets within…

Don’t let its compact stature fool you, the Opus is packed with clever features that make your camping adventures that little bit more special…

  • Your versatile home-from-home

    Create memories, cherish your favourite beauty spots, roam, explore and seek out adventure… or simply enjoy having a comfortable, fully-equipped base camp for festivals, sporting events or even family get-togethers.

  • A little luxury travels a long way

    Soft double beds, plush leatherette seating, fully-functional kitchenette and a whole-host of optional extras to choose from. Are you ready to fall in love with your new OPUS?

  • What will you include in yours?

    There are so many reasons to choose an OPUS – it’s versatile, easy to use, comfortable, spacious, well-equipped and very well priced!

  • Light and spacious

    Windows, sky lights, LED lighting and an internal height of nearly 2.5 metres make the OPUS feel light and spacious.

  • Dimensions

    * Overall Length (closed) inc.drawbar 430cm
    * Overall Width 201cm
    * Internal Length (main body section) 283cm
    * Internal Width (main body section) 188cm
    * Towing Height 120cm
    * Wheels 185/70 R13
    * Overall Length (erected) 580cm
    * Overall Height (erected) 275cm
    * Interior Height (max) 244cm
    * Bed Size 1190cm x 140cm
    * Bed Size 2190cm x 140cm
    * Full Awning Width (optional) 600cm
    * Full Awning Depth (optional)240cm
  • Weights

    * MIRO (mass in running order) 800Kg
    * MTPLM (Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass) 900/1050/1250/1500Kg
    * MTPLM – MIRO = User Payload 100/250/450/700Kg
    * Roof Payload (approx. depending on roof bar capacity) 75kg
    * Max Tow Ball Mass (Nose Weight) 75kg

    The OPUS® weighs just 800kg; which means it can be pulled with any UK Car Driving License. We offer four different chassis options depending on your desired payload and category of your licence.

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